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Mobile Dog Wash & Grooming Services

I can provide all the essentials of dog grooming from a simple bath to a full groom.

My trailer is custom made for dog grooming, all the work is done in the trailer including body clipping.  All services include a bath in fresh, warm water…unless its summer and a cool refreshing bath is the order of the day.

The trailer can hold 100 litres of water and if I need to fill up I can attach the on board hose to your water supply, if you are in an apartment and don’t have access to water please let me know so I ensure I have enough water on board prior.  I will also need a power point but don’t worry I have long extension cables on board so if you don’t have an outside point, we can plug in to an inside point.

My bathing process is a four step wash.  I start with a fresh water rinse and then shampoo your pooch from head to toe with everyday sensitive skin shampoo and also carry oatmeal, aloe-vera and Malaseb shampoo.  All are designed to suit sensitive skin.  However if you require a Malaseb wash please be sure to let me when booking an apt.  (Malaseb is usually prescribed by your Vet if your dog has problem skin). I then give your dog a hydro-bath and finish with a fresh water rinse.

All services include complimentary nail clipping, basic ear cleaning, cologne and a treat.

I also provide a basic overall health check and can advise if your best friend needs to see a vetinarian for treatment or if there are some home remedy’s you could try first depending on the degree of issue including if your dog needs their anal glands expressed.

The minimum service for an appointment call out is a bath and you can choose from the following services:

Bathing Only: Wash and Shampoo with a towel dry and cologne. Starting at $37.50 (for dogs up to 19kg) – $40 (for dogs over 20kg)

Bathing & Drying: Wash and Shampoo with  towel dry and blow dry, brush out and cologne. Starting at $40 – $80 depending on weight and fur length. Most dogs are $40 unless they are a large dog with long fur, a thick undercoat and need a bit of extra work to brush them out. Final cost depends on length of time it takes me to complete their drying and brushing.

Full Groom:  Wash and Shampoo with blow dry, brush out, cologne and body clipping.

My clipping process is that I begin with a brush out and clip the bulk of the fur, followed by a bath and blow dry and completed with the final smooth clip, nail clip, ear cleaning and cologne.This includes scissor clip work.  i offer a personal consultation at the time of the appointment to ensure we go to the length you desire and whats best for your fur baby depending on the time of year and how much time you can devote to looking after their coat.

I can also thin the coat if you have a breed that you would prefer to keep long.

In summer I recommend any breed for a hair cut.  Unless they are older I have seen dogs from many different breeds including King Charles Cavaliers, Border Collies, Malamutes and Golden Retrievers benefit from a summer clip that helps them cope with our warmer climate.

In winter if you would like to keep your longer coat dogs nice and fluffy I recommend more regular grooming to keep matting at bay as any kind of moisture  will encourage the fur to rub against itself resulting in matting if not brushed regularly. My washing and blow drying followed by a good brush out will help keep them looking beautiful longer and I can discuss with you personally how often your dog requires grooming to achieve a healthy length that you like. Many owners still have their dogs clipped during winter but I can do clipping at longer lengths than summer so that you can keep them fluffy but tidy and with no matting.

I also carry Advocate and Sentinel flea and worming treatments on board.  I recommend these brands as they are the brands I can trust to work.  I can administer these treatments for you if you would like a regular wash for your dog.


I charge $80 per hour for full grooming which is pro-rata for services without body clipping. Most dogs are $80 unless they are super badly matted or super fussy to groom or are a large dog.  However even some large dogs are $80.

I have a booking and cancellation policy and will require either an online deposit to my business account or alternatively I can take credit card details which won’t be charged unless of last minute cancellations (within 48 hours of the appointment day. I also organise times the night before.
Please note: There may be a $10 charge for trailer cleaning if your dog has fleas or ticks.